What is a “somanya” ceramic tile?

The word “somi” means “carpet” in Hebrew.It is also spelled “somsa” or “somesa” (meaning “to sweep”).The word comes from the Sanskrit word for “sweep” and “soma,” or “to clean.”The word for the tile is also used in the Japanese word […]

Ceramic Tile Sales Down, Ceramic Terrain Up, Ceramics Up For Sale

With the launch of ceramic tile in the UK and the introduction of ceramic tiles in the US, ceramic tile has been a mainstay of modern life for centuries. The popularity of ceramic has helped drive demand for ceramic tiles, and […]

Commercial ceramic tile warehouse to move to Toronto

Commercial ceramic tiles are now being moved from warehouses in downtown Toronto to new warehouses in the city’s north.A deal is expected to be finalized later this month.The new locations will have a similar footprint to the existing commercial spaces […]