‘Ceramic tiles’ dubai image tiles to be available in the UAE

Dubai: A new image tiles will be available soon for sale in the Abu Dhabi city, according to the UAE Ministry of Culture.

Dubai Culture and Tourism Minister Muhannad al-Mazroui on Thursday announced that a new image tile, dubbed “Ceramel tiles,” will be sold on the Abu Daiba Marketplace, the Dubai Tourism Marketing Office said.

Duba Tourism Marketing Director Adel Abdel-Jalil said the new image is one of the largest and most popular tiles in the world.

The tile was designed by renowned ceramic tile artist, Muhammad Al-Hakim, and is available for purchase on the Dubai Travel Bureau’s website.

It is available in several sizes, and comes with different color palettes and designs.

It is the second tile designed by Al-Hashim and comes in the size of four metres (18 feet).

Al-Hagim’s previous tile, “Coral”, was available for sale on the Travel Bureau website for $8,000 ($1,250 in current U.S. dollars).