Can ceramic tile tile bases replace a roofing joist

Google News Australia (Australia), July 31, 2017 | Updated July 31st, 2017 03:21:55 In a bid to improve the performance of existing roofing products, a team of Australian researchers is working on an improved version of a ceramic tile roofing base that could replace a traditional joist.

“The new ceramic tile system offers a significantly improved product for building insulation and it also offers an improved design for the installation,” said lead researcher, Dr David O’Brien.

A ceramic tile installation could be used in the future in the production of roofing tiles and other building materials, said Dr O’Connor.

Although the new ceramic base will require a different technique, the team believe it is “very promising”.

“We’ve had a good idea of how to apply the ceramic tile for a long time, so it’s been a while since we have to use a different material,” Dr OBrien said.

The ceramic tile tiles have been used in other applications, but they have not been widely adopted, he said.

“The current method of using ceramic tiles is expensive and not well suited to the application of other materials such as steel,” he said, adding the new method is cheaper and can be applied on the basis of cost savings.

Scientists are currently working on the new base, and it has not yet been tested.

“We are working with several different ceramic tile suppliers and they are working on developing a ceramic base that is comparable to the existing ceramic tile material.”

If that is the case then the ceramic base is going to be a very important building material in the long term,” he added.

Researchers are working to find new, cheaper and more effective materials to replace the old ceramic tile.

They hope to find a new material to replace it within the next year or two.

Originally published as The ceramic tile’s future in roofs