Drilling ceramic tiles to kill invasive plant species

An Oregon couple who are taking a new approach to tackling invasive plant and animal species in their backyard is hoping to kill the most troublesome of the invasive species.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple is using ceramic tiles for their bath and bathroom floors.

The tiles are coated with a natural anti-microbial substance, which was developed by the company, BroilMaster, which is licensed to sell the tiles in Oregon and Washington.

The anti-mold can be used to kill plant growth and the anti-fungal substance can be sprayed on plants.

According a statement from Broilmaster, the tiles are being used in a new method to eliminate the pests.

The company said the tiles have been used in over a thousand bathrooms in Oregon, Washington and Montana, and have killed more than a million invasive plant-infected plants.

The company has installed hundreds of thousands of tiles in other areas of its supply chain, including hotels, restaurants and commercial buildings, according to the company.

BroilMaster’s new method was first described in an article published by The Daily Mail.