Menards CEO resigns after ‘slanderous’ tweet about Ivanka Trump

Menards’ chief executive officer for the Americas resigned Monday, citing a series of tweets about Ivanka Donald Trump.

Mark DePace, who was named CEO of Menards in August, wrote on Twitter that Ivanka Trump is a “loser.”

Menards shares are up about 4% in midday trading.

In one tweet, DePacy wrote: “This is a disgrace.

This is a stain on the American family.

And this is a reminder that women deserve equal protection under the law.

Ivanka Trump and her ilk will continue to fail.”

He later added: “I stand with my colleagues, as they have already begun to speak out against this malicious attack on women.

This kind of hateful rhetoric is unacceptable in a democracy.

I stand with the men and women of America, and I pledge to stand with them against the toxic rhetoric and hate that has taken hold at this very moment.

I also support my colleagues and employees who have taken this very hard step.”

Menards’ shares are down about 5% in early trading.

A statement from Menards said the company had removed DePaced from its leadership team and he was no longer an employee of the company.

“I have decided to resign as CEO of a company whose values are founded on the foundation of mutual respect and dignity for all,” the statement read.

“I will continue working to restore trust and bring more respect to my employees and the broader community.”

A Menards spokeswoman said the executive, who has been with the company for over a decade, was not involved in the company’s management or leadership decisions.

A spokesman for Ivanka Trump declined to comment.

Menards declined to say whether the CEO had resigned.

The Trump family has made it clear that it will not tolerate the type of racist and misogynistic rhetoric that was espoused by DePacing, a longtime Republican who has worked at Menards for nearly 20 years.

Trump has been criticized for her stance on immigration and for her support of abortion rights, and she has said that the country needs to focus on economic issues instead of “political correctness.”

Last month, Trump tweeted that she is “sick and tired” of being called a “basket of deplorables” and that she “would rather have the KKK than a million different people.”

In his resignation letter, DePaute said that he believes in a “more compassionate America,” but that the “political climate has been transformed and the discourse has been turned into a toxic stew.”

“I believe that the discourse surrounding gender and gender equality is one that needs to change,” he said.

“It is not productive and destructive.”

DePace previously served as chief operating officer of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, where he was responsible for recruiting and securing top athletes.