The latest to come out of the Ashes Test at Lord’s is a new £200m kit for England’s batsmen

The new England batting outfit is the first to arrive from overseas since the 2014 Ashes, which saw the team debut a new kit for the first time since 1996. 

The kit, a combination of a new wool-poly blend and wool-nylon with a contrasting grey, was unveiled at a press conference in England’s home city of Manchester. 

England batsmen are known for their distinctive look, but the new kit also offers something that’s never been seen before. 

“I think it’s a unique look that we haven’t seen before,” England batting coach Andy Flower said. 

It’s got a look of a certain style of cricket, which is very unique to the way England batsmen play. 

But it also has a very contemporary look, it’s very functional, it suits the players very well and it’s got that modern feel. 

You can feel it’s been designed in the same way as the Ashes team.

A look that’s not quite the same as the look of the first Test, but it’s really different from the first England team kit in 2011.

It’s a really modern look, I don’t think that’s ever been seen.

It’s a new look for the Ashes but it has a similar feel.

It will suit all of the bowlers very well.

The kit is made from the same blend of wool and nylon as the new England team jerseys, but is lighter and has a lighter grey. 

A look at the new batting gear for England at the Ashes.

The batting kit is designed to suit the new batsmen.

The new England batsman kit is a combination wool-nymph-nomex-cotton blend, with grey wool lining. 

There is a wool-cage-knit jersey and a new dark grey jersey.

The design of the new cricketing kit is based on the designs of former England captain Ian Botham, who played for the team from 1996 to 2001.

Botham was also part of the side which won the World Cup in 2004. 

When asked if the new players kit would be the same, Flower replied: “It’s going to be very similar to the last one, but we’re working on it.”

We have a lot of the same players.

We have the same team, we have the best bowlers in the world in the side, we had the best captain, and that’s all that matters.” 

The new team kit is expected to be released in early 2018.