‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star and ‘Bachelorette’ runner-up Kelly Rowland is a ‘huge fan’ of ceramic tile

Kelly Rowan is a huge fan of ceramic tiles and is “a huge fan” of the brand, she shared on Instagram on Tuesday.

Rowan, who stars in “Bachelor In Paradise,” has been dating husband and fiancé Jack Nicholson since they first met in 2010.

She also shared her thoughts on ceramic tiles in the past, saying that she’s “a fan of all of them,” and that she has always “really liked the texture.”

Rowan and Nicholson, both 33, first started dating in 2014.

The couple have since been married for five years.

Rowane and Nicholson’s marriage has been the subject of gossip for a long time.

In 2016, the couple divorced after 13 years.