How the GOP Establishment and the Establishment’s Media Can Collude to Destroy Donald Trump

A new book from the former senior adviser to President Donald Trump and one of his closest confidantes, David Bossie, reveals how establishment Republican politicians and media figures have used a combination of money, media leverage, and political expediency to destroy Trump’s presidency and to deflect attention away from their own corruption.

The new book, titled Trumped: How the Establishment and its Media are Killing Trump, was written by former senior advisor David Bossies and former senior editor for the conservative Washington Free Beacon, Matthew Boyle.

Bossies served as Trump’s chief strategist and senior policy adviser from late 2016 to early 2017, while Boyle served as the executive editor of the conservative news site The Daily Caller from late 2017 to early 2018.

The book details how Republican leaders in Congress, media elites, and even President Donald J. Trump himself, have repeatedly lied about the president’s health and his ability to lead the country.

In an excerpt published by the Washington Free Times on Wednesday, Bossies details how the establishment media and GOP leaders have used the narrative of Trump’s health to undermine the president, undermine the legitimacy of his presidency, and deflect attention from their collusion with the Clinton political machine.

“I think you could say that the media and Republicans are not going to get any credibility with people who are telling the truth,” Bossies told Breitbart News.

“They will get a lot of credibility with the people who tell the truth, but not with people like Trump.”

The author goes on to describe how the GOP establishment has created a false narrative of what actually happened during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump is being treated “as though he is a pariah” by the GOP elites who have “perpetuated a lie about his health,” Bossie said.

“The media and the Republicans have created a narrative about what happened at the time of the campaign and what went wrong.

They have created that narrative.

“But it is not. “

You know, the only thing that is going to stop this is if you start talking about what really happened, you will start to see some people start to believe that what is going on here is not going on,” he continued.

“But it is not.

It is the same story.”

The book also details how establishment Republicans have used tactics to try and keep the public from learning about their collusion and obstruction of the Trump administration and to minimize the impact it had on the American people.

“This is the way the establishment operates.

They will say to you, ‘You know what?

You are just a crazy person who is trying to make this about the Clintons, not the fact that Donald Trump was assassinated,’ and that’s the way it works,” Bosses said.

Bossie also went on to detail how the Republican Party has actively worked to undermine and silence the press in order to ensure that the public does not learn about their involvement in the conspiracy to murder Trump.

“If the press wants to talk about the Clinton scandal, they will talk about it, but the fact is, they are not even talking about the conspiracy,” he said.

The establishment media’s suppression of the public’s knowledge of their role in Trump’s assassination and obstruction, the author noted, has only emboldened their opponents in Congress and the White House.

“When the Democrats are in control of Congress and in the White house, they have no fear whatsoever of any of the media, of any person in the Republican establishment, or of anyone on the right, that is not a member of the establishment,” he concluded.

“Because of their complete control over the media in Washington, the Republicans are terrified of any information that will point out their corruption.”

The new revelations in Trumped come at a particularly challenging time for the Trump White House and its allies.

On Wednesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan said he would not attend the annual Congressional Black Caucus retreat in Baltimore because of the ongoing investigation into the Trump assassination and obstructions of justice.

The Republican leadership in the House of Representatives and the Republican Senate have refused to hold public hearings on the investigation into President Trump’s murder, while Democrats have called for hearings on any possible criminal conduct.

“These are the same people that said that President Trump was not a legitimate president, that he was a dictator,” Boyle said.

“‘He is a traitor, he is unfit to be president.’

This is the very definition of treason.

And it is the definition of obstruction of justice, so we can see it.”

The former Breitbart News executive added, “There is no question that we will see more of this kind of obstruction, of this cover-up of the crimes committed against the president of the United States.”