Terraced brick patio to open in Newport News

The new pavilion at the Newport News Aquarium will have a terraced brick design, with terraced walls and a mosaic-covered patio, the aquarium announced Friday.

The pavilion will be a permanent addition to the aquarium’s Aquarium Pavilion, a new outdoor space that opened in 2017.

The aquarium’s aquarium pavilion in Newport, Va.

AP Photo/Steve HelberThe pavillons will be about 40 square feet in size and feature a terrace.

The pavilion’s exterior features a large open-air pavilion and a canopy, while the interior features terraced and covered pavilions.

The aquarium is located at Newport Harbor, the gateway to Newport.

The new pavillions are the aquariums first permanent additions to the Aquarium.

The aquarium has opened several other pavilances around the world, including a pavilion on the grounds of the British Museum, a pavillion on the Great Wall of China and a pavillon on the French Riviera.

In addition to Newport, the Aquaria also is opening a new pavillion in Los Angeles and a new Aquarium at Lake Titicaca in Peru.