How to get rid of plastic in your home

When you’re on the go, your phone can be your most valuable tool, so you’ll want to keep your phone out of the reach of your kids.

The more plastic you put in your device, the more likely it is to fall off, leaving your house looking like a cheap replica of your favorite movie set.

To avoid this fate, here are 10 DIY steps to get your device out of your reach.


Wrap the phone in plastic wrap, foil or paper 2.

Wrap it with a plastic foil layer 3.

Put it in the freezer, and freeze it 4.

Use a plastic freezer bag to store it 5.

Put your phone in a freezer bag 6.

Put a piece of tape or a plastic wrapping paper on top of your phone to prevent it from falling out of place 7.

Keep your phone from sliding off the plastic layer 8.

Wrap your phone with a thick layer of plastic foil to protect it 9.

Put the phone back in the plastic foil 10.

Use paper to tape your phone back together