When Will You Go?

The weather is getting cold in Texas. 

And that’s not the only thing that is getting colder in Texas, and it’s not even the best part of the weather. 

You have the weather that is being forecasted to become cold again in the next three days, and you also have the coldest temperatures forecasted ever for this time of year. 

The next three-day temperature forecast is going to be coldest in history, and that’s only the second-most-coldest forecast ever in Texas in 2017.

The coldest temperature ever is on record, as recorded in a National Weather Service report from September 11, 1915, when it was 4.9 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

That’s right, 4.09 degrees below freezing.

And it’s happening again.

The forecast for the next two days is forecast to be the coldEST temperature ever recorded in the state of Texas.

The next three weather extremes that you are seeing in the Lone Star State this year are expected to be: A temperature that is over 10 degrees below normal, a temperature that’s over 10.5 degrees below standard, and a temperature over 12 degrees below the freezing point. 

This is the kind of extreme weather that the state is going through. 

Texas has the fourth-warmest average temperature in the United States according to data from NOAA. 

There is no doubt that we are on track for a record-setting heat wave.

The National Weather and Climate Center (NWC) said in a statement on Friday that temperatures are expected rise by 4 to 7 degrees above normal across the state. 

A record-breaking heat wave is on its way in Texas and it is forecasted that this heat wave will last for months. 

We are in the midst of the worst drought in our nation’s history and Texas is on track to record the fourth consecutive year of record drought, according to the University of Texas at Austin. 

Drought is a serious issue in Texas because of its role in supporting the agriculture industry. 

While there is no way to say for sure what the impact will be on crops, the drought is expected to lead to lower yields for wheat and corn, as well as soybeans, cotton and other crops. 

In fact, the state has been seeing record-low yields of crops including corn, soybeans and wheat.

The drought is already having a negative impact on Texas, according the University. 

Temperatures in Texas are expected not to drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit on the hottest day of the year, according to the forecast. 

With that said, you need to remember that this is forecast for a state that has experienced some extreme weather events in recent years, including the deadly wildfires in Texas that killed more than 5,000 people in 2016.