NHL’s newest logo is ceramic tile

A new logo for the National Hockey League is being unveiled.

The new logo features an old-school hockey logo that is designed to look like a ceramic tile.

The logo is called “The Ceramic Tile.”

The new hockey logo features a new coat of paint and is meant to reflect the look of a ceramic mosaic.

“We have been working closely with our ceramic tile supplier, Wixom, to get this logo right,” NHL vice president of corporate communications Steve Smith said.

The team is using Wixoms “old-school” ceramic tile in this new design.

It is meant for use in outdoor environments.

The logo is also meant to evoke the “Ceramic Tile” theme of the team’s new jerseys.

The NHL said that the new logo is a reflection of the league’s history.

“The old logo was an innovative and unique way to show our commitment to our fans,” Smith said in a statement.

“This logo reflects the league with a modern feel and reflects our fans’ passion for the game of hockey.”

Smith said that fans have expressed a desire to see a new logo, and that the NHL is looking to make a decision on the design of the logo in the next few days.