How to recycle ceramic tile and how to save it

By Steve Bickerton | 12 June 2016 03:59:40A ceramic tile recycling facility has been set up in Melbourne, to help residents recycle their favourite household tiles.

The Australian Redevelopment Agency (ARC) has created a network of compost and waste disposal sites, including a large, circular recycling bin located at the Adelaide City Council’s office in Northbank.

The recycling centre is the first of its kind in Australia, with the aim of helping residents get rid of unwanted ceramic tiles and get the materials back into the community.

“We’ve already seen a huge amount of demand for recycled ceramic tiles, and the need for recycling is increasing at an exponential rate,” the council’s waste management and recycling director, Greg Smith, said.

“If you can help us keep up with demand, you’re supporting our communities efforts to keep them clean.”

Mr Smith said the centre would take up to five to six years to build, and would cost $1,200 a week to operate.

The centre is currently located at an industrial estate in the Adelaide CBD, where it can be accessed by foot, bike, bus or car.

Mr Smith would not reveal how much the facility was costing, but said the council had not received any requests for help.

“There’s no point in going to an expensive facility when there’s already demand for it,” he said.

The ARC’s recycling initiative is supported by the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Communities (IRDC) and Environment Australia.

It is aimed at reducing the amount of household waste, and has the potential to help cut greenhouse gas emissions by a third by 2030.

Ceramic tiles are an environmentally friendly material used in many household appliances, including kitchen cabinets and dishware.

The waste is collected at the site, then recycled to the local landfill.

The ceramic tile industry is worth $30 billion to Australia’s economy and employs more than 2,000 people.