Which city has the nicest public toilets?

A Toronto city councilman is out with a new initiative to promote public toilets.

Council member Josh Mathews said the idea is to “provide toilets at the end of each day to those that need them most.”

Mathews explained that Toronto is the largest city in Canada with over a million people living in the city.

Mathews hopes the program will encourage more people to use public toilets, as well as encourage people to share their tips and tricks for using public toilets efficiently.

The city council member said his idea is part of a larger effort to “encourage the use of public toilets by people who have no idea what to do with the waste they are throwing away.”

The council member told CBC News that while the initiative is aimed at promoting the city’s public toilet program, the program is also meant to help people who do not have the resources to clean up after themselves.

Mathews said he is not trying to push anyone to use the toilets, but he hopes the effort will encourage people who don’t have the time to clean their toilets to have them cleaned up.

Mathew said that Toronto’s public toilets program has helped to “reduce trash in our city and help to save the environment.”

He said the initiative will help the city improve sanitation and improve hygiene.