This basement tile is actually ceramic tile!

By April Holloway/ABC NewsTime, Los Angeles, CA – April 6, 2019The walls of this small house in Los Angeles were painted by an artist named Paul Johnson in 1962.

This was a time when many Americans lived in small houses in large apartments, but Paul Johnson painted the living spaces of his neighbors.

He had an eye for detail, so much so that in one of his first paintings, the house in question is completely covered in ceramic tiles.

In other words, Paul Johnson was a ceramic tile expert.

He lived in a large house, but he didn’t have much time to paint every inch of the house.

So in the spring of 1962, Johnson bought a brick-sized home on South Street.

It was an expensive deal for Johnson, who didn’t know much about home decor.

He was only a few years into his career when he started selling tiles.

He thought that it would be fun to put the tiles on his own house.

His wife, Donna, also lived in the house, so they were able to paint the walls of their home.

They decided to use ceramic tiles because they thought that the paint would last longer than paint on concrete.

It didn’t.

When the paint dried, the tile was stained and it was hard to get the stain out.

They painted the entire house with this tile, which is called provence.

The walls of the basement, however, were painted in black and white.

The basement tiles were painted using this black and black paint.

This black and red paint would remain in the basement for over 50 years.

But, in 2017, the ceramic tiles began to fade and became dull, yellowish gray.

It is a common problem in this time period, when we are living in the 21st century.

It happens with all kinds of things, including, you know, old cars, cars that are in poor condition.

The yellow-brown color of the tiles is the result of water that comes into the house from the basement.

This water is absorbed by the ceramic tile and turns brown and yellow.

The result is a dull grayish color.

Johnson bought the house back in 1962, and he and his wife sold it.

They didn’t want to move it back to his family, so he purchased the house and renovated it in 2005.

He painted the home again in 2017.

There are many reasons why we have such a poor ability to paint our homes, and Paul Johnson’s house was a prime example.

Johnson painted it in 1972, and it is a perfect example of how it can get difficult to paint.

In the future, he hopes to sell the house again, but it will be a much different color.

Johnson hopes to paint more homes, but for now, he is happy to leave the basement tiles and other artifacts behind.

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