It’s not just a question of how many times a day you eat, it’s also a question about how often you eat it

The Huffington, Inc. The ceramic tile counters at the Halcon ceramic tiles countertop counter in the restaurant’s dining room.The counter was designed to have a ceramic tile that’s impervious to the elements.The ceramic tiles were a gift from Halcon, a […]

‘The next big thing in design’: A ceramic tile pattern to recycle and repurpose

It’s the new trend in design.It’s called ceramic tile, and it’s making its way into homes across Australia.A design by Australian firm, Kia, was the first to be featured in the latest edition of the Australian Design Review.In the magazine, […]

‘Gift of God’: An inside look at how this year’s gift of God is being distributed across the country

By The Associated Press AP March 4, 2020 11:09:32After a four-month search, the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (DHP) has finally given a thumbs up to the idea of creating a new national registry of gifts […]

What is a “somanya” ceramic tile?

The word “somi” means “carpet” in Hebrew.It is also spelled “somsa” or “somesa” (meaning “to sweep”).The word comes from the Sanskrit word for “sweep” and “soma,” or “to clean.”The word for the tile is also used in the Japanese word […]