When you’re buying a ceramic tile floor, consider how it will work with your existing furniture

It’s easy to imagine a world where the floor is a blank canvas.We’ve all seen that dream on the set of the upcoming movie “Brick,” where the house is full of blank canvases, but what if you’re looking for a […]

‘Ceramic tiles’ dubai image tiles to be available in the UAE

Dubai: A new image tiles will be available soon for sale in the Abu Dhabi city, according to the UAE Ministry of Culture.Dubai Culture and Tourism Minister Muhannad al-Mazroui on Thursday announced that a new image tile, dubbed “Ceramel tiles,” […]

Which tile designs are the most versatile?

Posted December 11, 2018 07:20:10 A ceramic tile trivettor is made from ceramic tiles and coated in an adhesive that gives the tile its own unique texture.This article by a professional ceramics artist, Danielle Waddell, shows the technique that she […]

The Art of Ceramic Tile – A Ceramic Baseboard Design by Camo Design

Camo design and tile companies have long sought to take the ceramics market by storm.And now, they’re about to deliver on that dream.For years, ceramic tile was a niche product that was not well suited for mass production.So companies such […]